English Goldendoodles

Aspen's Silver Frosted English Goldendoodles
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 We strive to breed perfect conpanion dogs with wonderful temperaments.  An enormous amount of time and energy is put into socializing our puppies.  By doing this you end up with puppies that have very calm and friendly temperaments, perfect for family companions.  

We specialize in Silver frosted English Goldendoodles, which have a very frosted look to them.  Their coat is a beautiful silver color with black highlights in the coat.  Our silver frosted English Goldendoodles are born black with silver on the paws and on the chin.  As they mature they get more and more silver in their coat.

They are absolutely gorgious!! 
English Goldendoodles

The English Goldendoodles have the most laid back and gentle disposition.  The English type of Goldendoodle are very rare.  They are produced by breeding our ultra cream English Golden Retriever to our Standard Poodle. This makes a thicker boned doodle with a shorter and stalkier body structure.  Their head and muzzle are on the boxier side.   Because the body structure is boxy, they are a better proportioned dog, which makes a more elegant doodle.  This makes a beautiful combination. 

American Goldendoodles

The American Goldendoodles have a more slender head structure and their body structure is taller and lankier.   The American Goldendoodles have a more active disposition.  This is because the American type of Golden Retriever was bred for hunting.




English Goldendoodles have an extremely affectionate, friendly, intelligent, laid back , and gentle disposition that is very easy going.  Loving to be near people.  They are very loyal companion that are very eager to please.  Everyone is its friend. They love the companionship of children and other animal and are very gentle with even the smallest child. All of our puppies are socialized with many different sizes of dog and do excellent with them. We also socialize our puppies with cats and they end up being the best of buddies.  Goldendoodle excellent family companion and are known for being wonderful service dogs due too it's  love of people.


Because Goldendoodles are so eager to please they are very easy to train.  They are very intelligent and loves to learn new things every day.  Most of our puppies excel very fast.  By the time that our puppies go to their new homes the know the concept of sit, down, and come commnads. They are extremly obediant but if left alone most of the time will get in to mischief.

They do wonderful in obediance trials and can be trained for service or companion dogs.


Moderate excercise is need to keep them is excellent condition.  If a large yard is not available a nice walk in a park may be need to burn of energy.  They do well in city living and country living.


They are medium to large sized doodles.  This can vary on size of parents.  Height: Males can be anywhere from 21 to 24 inches and Females can be anywhere from 20 to 22 inches as an adult. Weight : Males can anywhere from 55 to 75 pounds and Females can be anywhere from 45 to 65 pounds.

The standards above are average Goldendoodles but it has been known to vary a little depending on the size of the parents.  Some Goldendoodles can go over these averages.


12 to 15 years


Goldendoodles come in three different coat types: Curly, wavy, and flat. Note: the curlier the coat is the less shedding you will have and possibly none at all.  Many poodle crosses get the coat like a Poodle, but not the texture.  Because most Goldendoodles don't shed or shed very lightly they may not produce an allergic reaction.  Goldendoodle with curly hair or very wavy tend to be the best choice for alergy suffers.  However you will not know what coat type and color your Goldendoodle will get untill they have their adult coat.  This is around two years of age.


Goldendoodles can get anywhere from 4 to 8 inches of hair so they are a breed that will require  grooming to keep it looking its best.  The curly Goldendoodles  require more grooming to ensure that their coat does not get matted. They may need to be groomed every 2 to 3 weeks to keep their coat in excellent condition. Flat and wavy Goldendoodles will need less grooming.  Regular brushing is needed.  Many people like to leave their Goldendoodles in the natural shaggy look. They also look good in the Bichon clip, Schnauzer clip and even the Cocker Spanial clip.  Contact your, you may be suprised in some of ideas that she may suggest.

English Goldendoodles are an excellent choice for the family.

Pictures Of Puppies From Our Past Litters

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One of our Silver Frosted English Goldendoodles with Kookie our cat.
Kookie always has to steal the show.
What beautiful coloring!!
This is Buddy the silver frosted English Goldendoodle off of Cypress and Mugs. He is certified therapy dog. We are so proud of you.
Silver Frosted English Goldendoodle at 5 weeks old.
English Goldendoodle at 5 days old
She is a beautiful example of a smoky silver English Goldendoodle
Charly at 6 weeks old
our silver frosted goldendoodles start turning silver on the face and feet and spreads as they get older
Silver Frosted English Goldendoodle at 2 days old
As you can see in the picture our silver frosted English Goldendoodles are born black and have silver on the bottoms of thier feet. As they get older they turn more and more silver.
3 week old silver English Goldendoodle
Baxter sure knows how to have a good time. Tag your it!!
Our Goldendoodles sure like the snow.
Pretty is one of our smoky silver English Goldendoodles.
Silver Frosted English Goldendoodle At 1year and 4 month old
Charly off of Cypress and Mugs Silver. He was born black with silver on his paws and chin.